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It wasn't a hugely busy time of year for the tinker fairies, but Bobble was still throwing himself into his work. Things had just seemed ever so slightly off to him in Pixie Hollow, especially the odd conversation he'd had with Miss Bell... It had been months ago, back before the spring, but he couldn't put it out of his mind. It was just so strange.

He shook his head and returned his focus to the basket he was making. Don't think about it, Phineas, he thought to himself. At least tinerking was an enjoyable distraction...



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Rosetta was sitting in her garden at sunset, in the middle of a bed of flowers on a rock. Already in her spring clothing, she's enjoying the beautiful weather here in Pixie Hollow. She's singing a lullaby to her garden and her eyes are closed. It's a nice break from all the preparations for the season.

If you come up to her, she might be startled, but she won't mind having company~


[The coming of Spring didn't mean as much for Cinch as it did for most fairies. The relatively new-to-being Dress-Making Talent was sitting idly by a small body of water. It didn't seem like the place for a fairy of her Talent, but Cinch was looking for inspiration. Some Water Talents had asked her for new clothes for their up-coming trip, and so... There Cinch was. She stretched out her legs, letting her feet drop into the water.

This wasn't inspiring at all. It was dull.


Vidia groaned softly as her eyes opened, finding a familiar setting. The inside of her sour plum tree was comforting, to say the least. After what she'd gone through in Discedo, she was happy. Yet at the same time... She'd met so many. She'd changed.

"I'd rather be there," she admitted to herself quietly.

Standing up, she looked around. Nothing had changed. Of course not; nobody here missed her, worried about her... She knew it was because of how she acted, but there was no use apologizing for anything; wasn't her style anyway.

Instead, she moved outside, flying to one of the higher branches and sitting, wrapping her arms around a knee as she gazed up at the sky. Her expression wasn't bored, or a cruel smile... It was wistful, almost happy, like she was remembering someone she cared about.

[OOC: This Vidia comes from post-movie and the RP Discedo. More info is in her profile.]


[Spring was fast approaching. Twenty-one days, to be exact. Phineas Kettletree had been counting down in his head for weeks now. He was excited for all the work that still had to be done, but a bit nervous, too - What if they didn't finish in time? The Tinker Talents were just ever-so-slightly behind schedule this year, but it was enough to make Phineas uneasy. And so there was a certain... Extra enthusiasm as he flew about, looking for Cheese - calling out the mouse's name as he went - so that he could deliver the Nature Talents their tools.]


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